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Speed Man Recruiting Agency " Govt License No. 234 / KAR/."

  1. On receipt of Power of Attorney / Demand Letter from our Principal, we obtain permission from the Protector of Emigraants, Government of Pakistan and then advertise the post in leading Daily Newspapers.
  2. Candidates are tested and interviwed by our technicl staff. Their working background and testimonials are verified trade tests are arranged, and the final selection is processed through Speed Man..
  3. After Preliminary selection is made by us the candidates are produced before Employer/ Representatives for their final selection.
  4. After the final selection, medical checkups (X-Rays, Aids Test, Hepatitis, etc.) are conducted through authorized medical center.
  5. Passports are collected and documents arrangements as per visa advoices are made through us. Visa stamping is done through us from the offices of the concerned Embassy/ Cosulate in Pakistan.
  6. Formalities of Protectorate of Emigrants, Government of Pakistan, requirements are completed through us.
  7. Airline reservations are arranged and our Principals are informed well in advance about the arrival date, flight number etc. of the employees.
  8. We also arrange uniforms for employees for their easy recognition at the Airport.
  9. A comprehensive orientation programme is arranged for the selected employees that would enable them to live and adapt in a foreign working environment.



We undertake to provide substitute / replacement of the worker within one month of the probationary period if found professionally unfit, at our cost.





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