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Speed Man Recruiting Agency " Govt License No. 234 / KAR/."



M/S.____________________________P.O.BOX.NO ______________________

Do hereby appoint M/s. Speed Man, O.E.P. Lic.No.234/Karachi, 206 Uni shopping center, 2 nd Floor, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi-Pakistan to be our lawful Agent/Attorney in Pakistan in respect of handling all the affairs concerning deposits of all the securities, registration fee etc. with the protector of Emigrants, Government of Pakistan to sign all the necessary documents required by the said office and the authorities in Pakistan in connection with the recruitment of Pakistani manpower for services with the above establishment and arrange their passport endorsement of visas and passage etc.

In witness whereof, we have executed this instrument at. ___________________

Signed by the First Party.

Attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Pakistan Embassy.









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